Kingdom Work

Aren't you ready to see and experience Heaven on Earth?  I am too!  As we follow in the footsteps of Jesus, saying ONLY what the Father tells us to say (John 12:49-50), we work with the perfect plan of God ~ and call His will into the earth.  You will see positive changes in your own personal life - and that will continually spread throughout the world as we pray and stay in agreement with prayers like "Kingdom Work" below.

Make it personal and join me in prayer...

Kingdom Work

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thy Kingdom come ~ Thy will be done in all the earth … forever… just as it’s done in Heaven. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for instructing us to pray in this manner… and in doing so, Your answers ~ Your ordained solutions to ALL the worlds’ problems are called for and released into the earth. (Matt 6:9-13)

Like Moses, it is my desire, Father, to see the fullness of Your Glory / Your Goodness in operation in the earth ~ in my life and in the lives of all who are members of the Body of Christ. Thank You for making this available to me just as You made it available to Moses. I receive it and take it by faith Father. (Exodus 33:18-19, Mark 11:24)

Everyday, I desire and expect to see and experience the “greater works” our Lord Jesus said we, His Body, would do: (John 14:12)

· to see and experience the world turning to Your Church and ALWAYS receiving the answers, the deliverance, the healing, the reconciliation You’ve given to us to give to them – allowing Your Kingdom to manifest in the earth;
(Luke 4:17-21; II Corinthians 5:18-19)

· to see and experience all Your children continually sowing seed into Your Kingdom, producing the harvest You desire for each of us;
(Luke 8:11; II Corinthians 9:6; Galatians 6:7)

and then to leave this earth having emptied myself of all You have given me to give the world and to Your Church - by successfully operating by Your Kingdom principles.
(Psalm 82:1-6; Isaiah 61:1-4; Daniel 11:32)

I receive, Lord God, that it is Your good pleasure to give me Your Kingdom and that Your Kingdom IS in me. The power of Your Kingdom is backing my God-led thoughts, words and actions. The ability to be who You made me; see and understand things from Your point of view; doing what You say, how You say it and getting Your intended results is IN me. (Matthew 6:33, Amplified version; Luke 12:32-32)

I thank You for guiding me in understanding and living fully ALL that this means. I thank You for flooding the eyes of my heart with light so that I know and understand this hope to which I have been called. (Ephesians 1:17-19, Amplified version)

Thy Kingdom come ~ Thy Will be done… in earth as it is in Heaven.

In the Name of Jesus – I pray. Amen.

Referenced Scriptures:
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Rhonda B. Holmes ~ © 2005