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Regarding the prayer, "I'm Healed" - Janet shares:

What an awesome prayer of deliverance to the mind, body, spirit and soul. If there ever was a time for this prayer, it is now for every individual who walks upon this earth. If ever a time to pray - it is now, because in the last few decades us baby boomer generation have stunted our spiritual growth and our childrens' growth because of the lack of knowing the biblical principles of praying the "word" of God into our lives and our families. I will pass not only this prayer but also encourage everyone I know to obtain The WORD Diet  book as it is the simplistic tool to use in articulating the positive messages to your own life and others. Thank you Rhonda, for allowing God to use you to help many on your journey. JM 2011
Susan from Arizona shares:

I’m a regular user of topical prayer books and journals to use as resource in my prayer time with the Lord. …I use them as a guide for scripture promises and intercessory prayer for others. I selfishly used The WORD Diet for my own spiritual growth. The advantage of The WORD Diet for me was the interactive component “process” in each chapter . Thru the process, the Holy Spirit healed me in areas that I had not even expected as I submitted to Him. And I want to encourage your readers, that you do not need to follow the “process” perfectly, for the Holy Spirit to act on your behalf. The most powerful chapters were “God Says No,” As a female sales manager who travelled on the road for 25 years, I had a good laugh when the Holy Spirit revealed to me ALL of those times that “God Said No to the Devil”on my behalf. He even revealed to me the times God acted on my behalf for protection of family members as I obeyed and submitted my will to Him. Another power chapter was “Don’t sign for the Package”….a reminder of how stinking thinking can be detrimental to our faith walk. I highly recommend this book for everyone who wants a deeper walk with the Lord. This book is full of wisdom and power!

Tamesha shared:

Trust in God and the fulfillment of His promises. In January 2008, I gave birth to a stillborn son and a daughter who lived for only hours after 8 months of a very healthy pregnancy. This was a very devastating place and life shattering. I had several friends, family, and church members surrounding me and praying from me throughout this time (and even now). I trusted that God had a plan for me but such tragedy made me reflect on sorrow and keeping hope was a struggle. I was trying to praise and pray my way through, but I didn't really know how to pray prayers of activation. I was praying generally - telling God how I felt, asking for guidance in my healing process, and thanking Him for the opportunity to reveal His glory. I was anxious for results and revelation.

I did follow all steps of "The Process". I prayed the prayer of guidance and understanding before each prayer; read the (main) prayer (in each section), the scriptures, made notes when appropriate, spoke the prayer out loud (which was very empowering), prayers of thanks, etc. As I read the first prayer (called Miracles) I felt that I was definitely in need of a miracle and read the prayer with expectation. I received much more. The first prayer was very much a humbling experience allowing me to mediate on God's grace, mercy, and love, for me. After such a hardship, The WORD Diet reminded me of His purpose for my life. He placed desires in me that he wants to fulfill. The WORD Diet provided me with even more specific prayers founded on scripture to bring forth the promises of God.

I now fill empowered to fulfill God's plan for my life. I am living in great expectation and loving the life He has placed before me.

Tina shared:
Prior to reading The WORD Diet, the issue that I struggled with was breaking generational curses.
I have gone through a lot in my life:

•with a mother that left me when I was 9, and having my father raise me;
•rape as a young child from a male babysitter that my mother left me with for days at a time;
•a bad marriage that was physically and mentally abusive and almost left me for dead several times;
•and having several step parents in my life that were not the greatest of people.

All of these things made me into a person that is very strong, independent and had very little trust in people - a person with so many walls. I chose to be a single mother and take on the world pretty much by myself and not let others influence my life or my daughters.

When reading the generational curse prayer, I knew that I wasn’t alone. I was not the only one that had gone through bad things in my life. It was as though that prayer was for me. I applied all the steps and meditated on the prayer for about a week or two. I read, re-read and then read it again. I do not want my daughter to go through the things that I went through in my life and I also do not want her to not have faith in people as I did for so many years. I know that I am the one that can change these things for her. I know now that I have to start with myself by breaking the curses here and now! Knowing that my daughter’s outcome in life is in my hands, and that I have the control to make the changes for her and give her so much more in life than what I had - has given me the encouragement that I need to make it happen.

By reading The WORD Diet I want to thank you for helping me work through issues and leading me on the right path to making these changes. I know that I am a work in progress and that I have to make one change at a time. I have the faith that my daughter’s life will be filled with nothing but favor. I want to thank you for sharing your prayers and God’s Word with me - giving me the light back in my life that had been gone for so long.

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