From the Foreword, Kathy Ireland, the former Supermodel and current Founder and CEO of the $billion Kathy Ireland Worldwide brand writes:
"This book and it's author, Rhonda Holmes, are exceptions to all of my usual boundaries. I don't believe in "Diet books"; however, there could never be too much of a diet when it comes to God's word... These prayers will find themselves living in your heart. They give voice to the connection we feel with the Lord..."

Dr. C. Thomas Anderson, Best-selling Author, internationally recognized Speaker and Sr. Pastor of Living Word Bible Church in Mesa AZ, writes:
"This is an amazingly written book...a book with substance, direction and tools for a life more abundant. "The Word became flesh" so that the Word of God could be applied to the flesh, existence on this earth and empower us to a greater tomorrow. Read this book completely."

Janis F. Kearney, Clinton Presidential Diarist and Author, writes:
"Rhonda Holmes has done a wonderful job of sharing important lessons from her own life story, as well as offering her readers a no-nonsense recipe for a more fulfilled spiritual life. As much a teacher, as a writer, Ms. Holmes proves that it doesn’t take a 300 page tome to teach. Neither does it take a Saint to lead.

"The WORD Diet" is invaluable for those of us seeking ways to live a fuller, more God-focused life. In sharing "The WORD Diet", Ms. Holmes empowers us, her readers to be better followers so that we may become greater leaders for our families, our faiths, and for our communities.

Thank you, Rhonda Holmes, for this important book."

The late E. Lynn Harris, Nationally Acclaimed Bestselling Author, expressed:
"I’m excited that Rhonda has written this book. She is an example of what faith looks like. The daily inspirational lessons of "The WORD Diet" are absolutely needed and are a recipe for happiness. I will keep it close by."

Janetta Kearney, Attorney and legal consultant, writes:
"This is the quintessential self help book for the believer. Faith in the Spirit of God, combined with verbal repetition and scriptural support found in “The Word Diet” equals a recipe for success in every area of our lives...”

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